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Shenzhen Baixin Science & Technology Co., Ltd specializes in developing and producing civil static discharger. The headquarter of the company is in Shenzhen, China.


Our products can help people who suffer from static. In dry cold season and area, static electricity is commonplace and people always are zapped by static when opening vehicle door, security door, taking off clothes, pressing button in elevator, embracing baby and kissing lovers, etc. We have worked out various products for your choice to eliminate the static in your daily life.


Right now we have six generation of civil static dischargers, the first generation is touch style static discharger and the second generation is LCD static discharger. We broke through technology barriers invented the world’s first non-touch automatic static eliminator, the third generation products "anti-static expert", and forth generation product "anti-static expert II". The fifth generation is the anti-static comb mainly for women, and the sixth generation is static elimilator for car.


In order to improve working performance, Baixin develops six main sectors to response different matters concerned. They are marketing, factory, research & development, finance, administration, and service.


Our goal is to help the people who suffer from static, solve their daily problem safely, high effectively and cost-saving.





About static


Static electricity is electric charge that doesn't move around - i.e. it stays still, or static.

Most electricity moves around (like in wires), but occasionally you'll experience static electricity; if you ever get shocked by a doorknob, it's because your body built up some static electricity, and it escaped your body by jumping to the doorknob.


Relevant data shows that the static has great harm on human body. Lasting electrostatic can increase blood alkalinity, reduce calcium in blood serum, increase the calcium excretion in urine, which adds insult to injury for growing children, low blood calcium seniors, and pregnant women and wet nurses who need numerous calcium. Excessive static in the human body, will cause current flow transmission abnormalities of nerve cell membrane , affecting nervous centralis, which will lead to the changes of blood PH value as well as the oxygen features. Therefore, it will affect physiological balance of human body, which will cause the symptoms of dizziness, headache, irritation, insomnia, loss of appetite. Static also will interfere with blood circulation, immunity and nervous system, and affect the normal work of every viscera (especially heart), causing abnormal heartbeat and cardiac premature beat. In winter, about a third of cardiovascular diseases are relevant with static. In inflammable and explosive regions, a human body with static will cause fire hazard. Have too much static on body also can cause interference for life.



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